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Our marketing product is much more than just a website. We help property managers with automated lead follow-up, content marketing, automated newsletters, discounts for multiple websites, landing pages, lead magnets, and more.

The internet is becoming more and more competitive and marketing techniques are rapidly evolving. Property managers need help with keeping their digital marketing strategy current and that is what we do. 


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Our Websites vs. The Competition

After analyzing hundreds of property management websites, we realized many had the same issues. Most importantly, they were all lacking search engine optimized (SEO) optimized content. Content is what helps your website come up when people search on Google. Without it or with the wrong type of content, Google doesn’t know if your website has information potential clients are are looking for and often it doesn’t.

Website Content. Most property management websites have a lot of information for prospective tenants (i.e. available rentals, how to apply, qualifying guidelines, etc.) which is helpful for tenants but doesn’t really help your business come up in searches done by new owner clients. Our websites solve this issue by having pages built-in with information that prospective new owner clients are looking for.

Updating and Adding Content. Our monthly content program provides you with blog articles that are written with the primary purpose of being offered up in searches on Google by potential new owners. This keeps your website updated with fresh content which is a positive ranking signal with Google. The issue we see on most property management company websites is the property manager, admin, or virtual assistant writes blogs and they’re not experts at writing keyword-optimized content for Google nor do they know what keywords people are searching for so the blog articles they write don’t come up in many searches. In order to have a content program that helps your website come up in online searches, you have to do keyword research first to know what people are searching for and then write blog articles targeting those particular keywords.

Our designs are current and customized to you, your business, and branding. We don’t use the same tired and outdated templates that you see on many other property management websites. Just like with real estate, web designs evolve over time and what looked current five or ten years ago does not look current today. For this reason, we include a “website refresh” for our clients every three years. You can usually tell if you view a website that is 20 years old and hasn’t been updated the same way you walk into a house with shag carpet and olive green and orange paint.

Customized website. Included with our websites is a custom homepage. Mix-and-match different design elements to design a homepage unique to your business and no one else’s. Choose elements (colors, font combinations, integrated reviews, blog feed, etc.) and how they look on the homepage. We help by providing examples of each section for you to choose from. Never have an owner get confused between you and your competitor’s again.

You may need more than just one website. You have ancillary businesses, you need landing pages to target ideal clients, websites for communities and buildings you manage, rental listing pages to wow your potential new owner clients, and you may sell real estate as well which means you need a website for your real estate sales business. We provide all of that saving you money by having the same branding and designs throughout (if you want) making your marketing as cohesive as possible.

Not compliant. Many websites have incorrect or outdated privacy policies which make them useless. Privacy laws update regularly (just like in property management!) and are different for every state, so having one privacy policy on your website that never updates is a guarantee for being not compliant in the near future. We’ve even seen privacy policies that were copied from other websites and still had the other company’s name and contact information on them!

My last website was embarrassing. Besides being out of compliance with the California Department of Real Estate (DRE), it had over 1900 errors and went down multiple times due to not being maintained. I’m so much happier with my new websites! I have one for property management, another for real estate sales, and multiple microsites for communities that I farm in for new business showing that I’m the real estate expert in that area.

John Rennie

Owner/Property Manager, Property Management of Southern California

Thank you so much for my new website! I went from being not found at all on Google for any keywords to being #10 in my market for “Tracy property managers” and #8 for “best Tracy property managers” within 4 months and continuing to climb! I’ve received many compliments on the new design and owners and tenants have commented on how easy it is to navigate and get the information they need.
Susan Goulding

Owner/Property Manager, Crown Key Realty, Inc.